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  • BAKU 129 UV PCB Repair Gel - Superior Electrical Insulation, Heat Resistant, Chemical Protection


  • ba-129
  • PCB repair glue- UV ink
  • N.g.: 25g/tube
  • Application: PCB layer repair
  • Use the UV light to solidify the ink

    1. Insulating Properties: BAKU 129 UV PCB Repair Gel offers excellent electrical insulation to prevent short circuits and leaks.

    2. High Temperature Resistance: Capable of withstanding high soldering temperatures, protecting the PCB from heat damage.
3 .Chemical Resistance: Strong resistance to acids, alkalis, and other chemicals, ensuring long-lasting durability.
4 .Moisture Protection: Effectively prevents moisture and humidity from damaging the PCB, maintaining stability in damp environments.
5. Mechanical Protection: Shields the PCB surface from mechanical wear and external force damage.



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