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  • Hot sale cell phone repair soldering rosin paste flux BAKU ba-230 lead free soldering flux


  • Model:ba-230
  • Branford Military Standard:Mil-f- 14256-d
  • PH Value:-6.6
  • CI:= 0
  • The best storage temperature:5-10 °C in room temperature
  • Application:for mobile phone repa
  • Dimension: 3.8*3*12.2/ Piece
  • Weight: 0.047KG / Piece(FULL)


Hot sale cell phone repair soldering rosin paste flux BAKU ba-230 lead free soldering flux

This environmentally-friendly solder paste is lead-free and halogen-free, ensuring no damage to the mainboard or repair personnel.

With RoHs environmental testing reports, it's a trusted and reliable choice for any repair professional looking to increase efficiency. Get yours today!





ba-230 Lead-Free Soldering Flux

Designed for Precision Circuit Board Repair and Soldering, Lead-Free and Halogen-Free, No-Clean Formula, Protects Circuit Boards and Repair Personnel, High Impedance, Superior Wetting Characteristics

Product Overview:

ba-230 Lead-Free Soldering Flux is specifically formulated for precision circuit board repair and soldering purposes. Its lead-free and halogen-free composition provides a safe alternative while safeguarding circuit boards and repair personnel. This flux features a no-clean formula, eliminating the need for additional cleaning steps. It offers high impedance and superior wetting characteristics, ensuring reliable and high-quality soldering outcomes.

Product Features:

  • Lead-free and halogen-free: The ba-230 soldering flux is free from lead and halogens, meeting environmental standards and regulations.
  • No-clean formula: This flux leaves behind minimal residue, saving time and effort by eliminating the need for post-solder cleaning.
  • Protection for circuit boards and repair personnel: With low toxicity and reduced emissions, it provides protection for both circuit boards and repair personnel during soldering operations.
  • High impedance: The ba-230 flux ensures high electrical impedance, contributing to reliable performance and reducing the risk of electrical issues.
  • Superior wetting characteristics: It exhibits excellent wetting properties, allowing for uniform and efficient solder flow, resulting in robust and visually appealing solder joints.

For precision circuit board repair and soldering tasks, choose ba-230 Lead-Free Soldering Flux. With its lead-free and halogen-free composition, no-clean formula, high impedance, and superior wetting characteristics, it ensures safe and dependable soldering results.



1.What’s the MOQ?  

A:Generally according to the requirements of customers, no matter how many we can accept.

2.Do you test all goods before delivery?  

A:We have the stric QC process and offer you the videos of all step. 

3. If any question when I got the product, how to solve it?  

A:The product have warranty and we will offer you the online or video technical support. 

4. Do you accept OEM order? (Can I make in my brand or any sticker? )  

A:Yes, MOQ is 3000 piece. 

5. How long can I get the product ? 

A:if less than 10 pieces, it will be about 7 days 

6.What kinds of payment do you accept?  

A:T/T,Western Union, Paypal, credit card and trade assurance on Alibaba.