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  • BAKU ba-6351 super hot sale liquid high quality rosin Solder Flux


  • Model: ba-6351
  • Alloy: 63Sn/37Pb
  • Powders Size: 20-28μm
  • Net: 33g(FULL)
  • Colour: Translucent and Gray
  • Shape: Small
  • Quality: Excellent
  • Package Size: 152*113*93mm

GA Solder Paste BK-6351:

Model BK-6351 BK-6352
Net  33g 16g
Alloy 96.5%Sn 63%Sn
Purity High Low
Quality Excellent Good
Package Size 152*113*93mm 153*93*95mm
1)Should be stored in a refrigerator upon recepit at 0-10°C(32-50°F)
2)permit paste to reach room temperature prior to opening ,this will prevent condensations moisture on the solder paste.
3)Low "deposit to deposit" variation drives maximisation of first pass print and reflow yields.
4)High print deposit volumes and low volume variability down to 12mil(0.3mm) circle feature sizes.


BA-6351 Series Precision Solder Paste

Ideal for Precision Circuit Board Repair in Mobile Devices, High Tin Content Ensures Shiny and Smooth Solder Joints

Product Overview:

The BA-6351 Series Precision Solder Paste is specifically designed for precision circuit board repair in mobile devices. With its high tin content, it ensures exceptional soldering performance, resulting in shiny and smooth solder joints. This solder paste is a trusted solution for achieving precise and high-quality repairs.

Product Features:

  • High tin content: The BA-6351 Series solder paste contains a significant amount of tin, enabling reliable and effective soldering, leading to shiny and smooth solder joints.
  • Shiny and smooth solder joints: This solder paste exhibits excellent wetting and flow properties, facilitating the creation of solder joints with a bright and smooth appearance.
  • Precision circuit board repair: It is optimized for intricate repairs on circuit boards in mobile devices, meeting the strict requirements of precision soldering.
  • Additional features: Strong adhesion, minimal voiding, high thermal stability, easy control of the reflow process.

Select the BA-6351 Series Precision Solder Paste for precise and dependable circuit board repairs in mobile devices. With its high tin content and the ability to produce shiny and smooth solder joints, it ensures outstanding soldering results.



1.What’s the MOQ?  

A:Generally according to the requirements of customers, no matter how many we can accept.

2.Do you test all goods before delivery?  

A:We have the stric QC process and offer you the videos of all step. 

3. If any question when I got the product, how to solve it?  

A:The product have warranty and we will offer you the online or video technical support. 

4. Do you accept OEM order? Can I make in my brand or any sticker? )  

A:Yes, MOQ is 3000 piece. 

5. How long can I get the product ? 

A:if less than 10 pieces, it will be about 7 days 

6.What kinds of payment do you accept?  

A:T/T,Western Union, Paypal, credit card and trade assurance on Alibaba.