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  • Hot selling product Best lead free soldering iron tips for ba-900M-T welding tips


  • Model: ba-900M-T
  • Color: Golden
  • Welding type: CJ/K/SSK/CT/FI/TI/FS/IS
  • Service life: >5 million solder joints
  • Service life: >5 million solder joints
  • Material: 99.9% pure copper (oxygen-free copper)
  • Tip: Advanced tips
  • Usage: 937 / 936 Soldering Station
  • Scope of application: IP Cable etc.




Professional for jumper wire Solder Tips,Specially used for Ip-Button cable welding.

1.Material 99.9% pure copper (oxygen-free copper) ,Antioxidant, corrosion resistant,

2.Good heat conduction, easy on the tin, heat fast

3.Walking tin smooth,long life. >5 million solder joints.


Soldering iron tip for soldering station (ba-900-T soldering tips)

1.Copper make more efficient  heat transfer electroplating layer, anti-corrosion treatment.

2.Long-life Wipe-tin,effective in preventing oxidation.







Tips for basic maintenance

The tip is a consumable item, and the correct use and maintenance can greatly extend the life of the tip.

1, too high temperature will reduce the life of the tip, so choose the lowest possible temperature

2. When using the soldering iron for a long time, remove the soldering iron tip once a week to remove oxides, prevent the soldering iron from being damaged and reduce the temperature.

3. When the soldering station is not used, the power should be turned off as much as possible to delay the service life. The soldering iron should not be in a high temperature for a long time, which will cause the solder on the soldering iron to be converted into oxide, which will greatly reduce the thermal conductivity of the soldering iron.

4. Infiltration of fresh solder after each use can prevent the oxidation of the tip and prolong the service life.

5. Regularly clean the tip with a cleaning sponge. After soldering, the oxide and carbide derived from the residual flux of the tip will damage the tip, causing welding errors or reducing the thermal conductivity of the tip.

6. Try to use a lower temperature when working, low temperature can reduce the oxidation of the soldering iron tip, and it is easy to solder components.

7. Use a fine soldering iron tip only when necessary. The coating of the small soldering iron tip is not durable with a rough soldering iron.

8. Do not use the tip as a detection tool. The bending of the tip will rupture the coating and shorten the service life.

9. Use less active rosin flux because the high content of active rosin will accelerate the corrosion of the coating of the tip.

10. Do not apply heavy pressure to the soldering iron tip, because the larger pressure is not equal to the fast heat transfer. In order to improve the heat transfer, the solder must be melted to form a heat transfer solder bridge between the soldering iron tip and the solder joint.


ba-900M Series Apple Motherboard Soldering Tips Efficient Soldering, Designed for Apple Motherboards

The ba-900M series Apple Motherboard Soldering Tips are high-quality tools specifically designed for repairing Apple devices' motherboards. Crafted with pure copper, these soldering tips offer faster heat conduction, ensuring reliable soldering results. Whether you're a professional technician or an Apple enthusiast, the ba-900M series soldering tips will provide you with an exceptional soldering experience.

Multiple Precision Specifications We offer a range of precision specifications for our soldering tips to cater to various Apple motherboard repair needs. Each specification is meticulously designed and manufactured to perfectly match the solder points on Apple devices. You can choose the appropriate soldering tip based on your specific repair tasks, enabling efficient and precise soldering.

Durable and Long-lasting The ba-900M series soldering tips are made with high-quality materials and undergo fine craftsmanship, resulting in outstanding durability and a long lifespan. Regardless of how many soldering operations you perform, our soldering tips maintain excellent performance and reliability, offering you a lasting repair solution.

Additional features of similar products:

  • Precision Design: Multiple specifications suitable for different brands and models of motherboard repairs, ensuring perfect soldering results.
  • High Heat Conductivity: Pure copper material ensures quick heat conduction, improving soldering efficiency.
  • Durable and Reliable: Premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship make the soldering tips highly durable, ensuring long-term use.

Whether you're a professional repair technician or an Apple device enthusiast, the ba-900M series Apple Motherboard Soldering Tips are reliable soldering tools you can trust. They guarantee exceptional results when repairing Apple devices and provide reliable soldering connections for your devices.


1.What’s the MOQ?  

A:Generally according to the requirements of customers, no matter how many we can accept.

2.Do you test all goods before delivery?  

A:We have the stric QC process and offer you the videos of all step. 

3. If any question when I got the product, how to solve it?  

A:The product have warranty and we will offer you the online or video technical support. 

4. Do you accept OEM order? Can I make in my brand or any sticker? )  

A:Yes, MOQ is 3000 piece. 

5. How long can I get the product ? 

A:if less than 10 pieces, it will be about 7 days 

6.What kinds of payment do you accept?  


A:T/T,Western Union, Paypal, credit card and trade assurance on Alibaba.