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  • BAKU hot sale solder mask ba-126 Uv curable Solder ink


  • Model: ba-126
  • Certificate: ISO9001
  • Solidified temperature: 110-120℃ ×10-15min
  • Heat-patience: 260±5℃ 10s 3 times
  • Smallness(μm):≤10
  • Viscosity (centipoise 25℃) 200±50ps
  • Hardness: ≥6H
  • Attach:100/100
  • Net: 8g(FULL)

-UV Curable Solder Mask

-Insulates printed ciruit board against shorting and arcing

-Pritects PCB traces from corrosion and moisture

-Also used for reoairing PCB after soldering and reworking

-UV light-cured solder resist ink,over the net performance,fast curing,strong adhesion,chemical resistance and insulation,single-sided circuit board solder with.



BA-126 UV Circuit Board Insulating Paste (Green Mask)

Designed for Circuit Board Repair, UV Curing for Enhanced Insulation and Rapid Curing

Product Overview:

BA-126 UV Circuit Board Insulating Paste, also known as Green Mask, is specially designed for circuit board repair applications. It utilizes UV curing to provide superior insulation and rapid curing, resulting in efficient repairs. With its high-quality formulation, it ensures reliable protection and accelerated repair processes.

Product Features:

  • UV curing technology: The BA-126 insulating paste harnesses UV curing technology to achieve rapid and precise curing, saving time and improving overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced insulation: This paste offers exceptional insulation properties, effectively safeguarding the circuit board against electrical leakage and potential damage.
  • Rapid curing: Its fast-curing formulation accelerates the repair process, enabling quick turnaround times and increased productivity.
  • Additional features: Easy application, strong adhesion, high chemical resistance, green mask color for clear visibility and precise application during repair tasks.

Opt for BA-126 UV Circuit Board Insulating Paste (Green Mask) for efficient and reliable circuit board repairs. With its UV curing capabilities, enhanced insulation, and rapid-curing properties, it streamlines the repair process and delivers superior outcomes.