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  • BAKU ba-227 lead-free solder flux BGA welding repair tools


  • Model: ba-227
  • Lot#: 125-06-1
  • Net:12g(FULL)
  • Name: Repair flux
  • Application: PCB board components , patch, plug-ins,For IC
  • Volume: 10cc
  • Package Size: 152*113*93mm
  • Colour: Translucent and white

Solder Flux BK-227 :

Name Repair flux
Net 12g
Application PCB board  components , patch, plug-ins,For IC
Best advantage Quality&Price&Brand
Volume 10cc
Package Size 152*113*93mm
Production type ODM/OEM
Manufacturer Made in china





1.The BAKU solder paste is a high viscosity no-clean flux,help to repair the circuit boards and protect the electronic components.

2.It can be used for PCB,SMD and be used for solering of computer and phone chips.

3.It is the mixture of high-quality alloyed power and resnous pasty flux,it can avoid the residue,so you are easy to clean the board 




BA-227 Soldering Flux for Precision Circuit Board Repair Lead-Free and Halogen-Free, Ensuring Safety for Boards and Repair Personnel

Product Overview: The BA-227 Soldering Flux is specifically designed for precision circuit board repair. It is formulated without lead and halogens, providing a safe and secure solution for both the circuit boards and the repair personnel. Its special boosting design offers convenience in application and reduces waste, promoting efficiency in the repair process.

Product Features:

  • Lead-free and halogen-free: The BA-227 soldering flux complies with environmental standards, delivering a safe and environmentally friendly option for precision circuit board repair.
  • Enhanced safety: By eliminating lead and halogens, this flux minimizes potential risks to the circuit boards and the repair personnel, ensuring a safer working environment.
  • Special boosting design: The flux is equipped with unique additives that enhance its performance, facilitating easy application and reducing unnecessary consumption or waste.
  • Additional features: Excellent wetting and spreading properties, superior thermal stability, minimal residue formation, high electrical reliability, consistent and controlled viscosity.

Select the BA-227 Soldering Flux for precision circuit board repair. With its lead-free, halogen-free formulation and innovative design, it prioritizes the safety of circuit boards and repair personnel, while providing convenience and waste reduction.



1.What’s the MOQ?  

A:Generally according to the requirements of customers, no matter how many we can accept.

2.Do you test all goods before delivery?  

A:We have the stric QC process and offer you the videos of all step. 

3. If any question when I got the product, how to solve it?  

A:The product have warranty and we will offer you the online or video technical support. 

4. Do you accept OEM order? Can I make in my brand or any sticker? )  

A:Yes, MOQ is 3000 piece. 

5. How long can I get the product ? 

A:if less than 10 pieces, it will be about 7 days 

6.What kinds of payment do you accept?  

A:T/T,Western Union, Paypal, credit card and trade assurance on Alibaba.