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  • BGA Solder Paste BK-050G


  • Model: BK-050g
  • Alloy: 63Sn/37Pb
  • Powders Size: 25-45μm
  • Net: 50g(FULL)
  • Color: Silver
  • Type: BGA Soldering paste


1.100% good quality soldering paste.

2.Fast acting, cleans as it solders.

3.Low odour formulation helps provide an improved working environment.

4.Can be used with other solders.

5.Weight of Soldering Paste: 50g .

6.For industrial use only.
7.Only use in the adequate ventilated palce.
8.Avoid repeated contact with skin. 

Alloy:    Sn63/Pb37
Microns:    25~45um
Net:     50g(5°C~10°C)
Applicable scope:  Phone chip repair,computer or home appliance repair patch chip BGA-specific products. 
Function:  This is a must for small precision and mobile equipment maintenance products,Electronics and the production line,the best welding supplies.