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  • BAKU ba-214 iPhone Screen Adhesive Removal Tool:


  • ba-214
  • Usage: Screen Frame Glue Remove
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel





**Product Details for BAKU ba-214 iPhone Screen Adhesive Removal Tool:**
Introducing the BAKU ba-214, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient iPhone screen adhesive removal. Crafted with an innovative blade design and durable materials, this tool ensures seamless adhesive removal without compromising the integrity of your device.
**Key Features:**
1. **Unique Blade Design:**
   The ba-214 features a blade with multiple edges designed for various positions on the screen. This unique design allows for targeted and effective removal of adhesive in different areas of the screen.
2. **Multi-Edge Open Blade:**
   The tool is equipped with a multi-edge open blade, ensuring versatility in tackling adhesive in hard-to-reach places. This feature makes it an ideal choice for iPhone screen adhesive removal.
3. **Thick Stainless Steel Construction:**
   Built with durability in mind, the ba-214 is constructed from thick stainless steel. This thickness ensures both robustness and ease of use, making adhesive removal a smooth process.
4. **Precision Blade Opening:**
   The blade opening is meticulously designed to provide precision in every application. It allows for accurate adhesive removal without causing damage to delicate screen components.
- **iPhone Screen Repairs:** Specifically designed for efficient removal of adhesive during iPhone screen repairs.
- **Professional Repairs:** Ideal for professionals engaged in mobile phone repair services.
- **DIY Screen Replacement:** Empowers DIY enthusiasts to replace iPhone screens with confidence.
**How to Use:**
1. **Position the Tool:**
   Identify the location of the adhesive on the iPhone screen and position the ba-214 accordingly.
2. **Apply Gentle Pressure:**
   Apply gentle pressure and let the unique blade design work its magic. The multi-edge open blade ensures efficient removal.
3. **Move Along Edges:**
   Move the tool along the edges of the screen, targeting adhesive areas with precision. The thick stainless steel construction provides stability during the process.
4. **Clean Residue:**
   After adhesive removal, clean any residue with a suitable solvent or cleaning solution. Ensure the screen is free from debris before further repairs.
**Storage and Maintenance:**
- Store in a dry place to prevent any corrosion.
- Clean the tool after each use to maintain its effectiveness.
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