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  • Worktop WK-001 Precision Electric Screwdriver Set - Your Ultimate Repair Companion


  • WK-001

Product Description:
The Worktop WK-001 Precision Electric Screwdriver Set includes 20 robust S2 precision screwdriver heads, designed for long-lasting durability and compatibility with a wide range of precision devices. With an integrated lithium battery for electric power, convenient Type-C charging, and a built-in LED light for quick and accurate positioning, this set is the ultimate companion for disassembling and repairing precision equipment.

Key Features:

20 Precision S2 Screwdriver Heads: Durable and versatile for various devices.
Electric Power: Integrated lithium battery for hassle-free operation.
Convenient Charging: Type-C charging for user-friendly recharging.
Built-In LED Light: Ensures rapid and precise positioning during repairs.
Elevate your repair game with the Worktop WK-001 Precision Electric Screwdriver Set.


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