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  • ba-677 Chip Fixation Fixture - Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Repairs


  • ba-677

The ba-677 Chip Fixation Fixture is your ultimate tool for handling various aspects of precision chip repair and soldering. With its dual-direction spiral fixation, it's ideal for securing delicate chips without displacement. Featuring 7 functional chip-fixing slots, one fixture caters to intricate smartphone PCB repairs, making it versatile and indispensable for various tasks.

**Key Features:**
1. Dual-Direction Spiral Fixation: Safeguard precision chips from shifting.
2. 7 Functional Chip-Fixing Slots: Versatile fixture for intricate PCB repairs.
3. Multi-Functional Zones: Streamline your chip repair tasks with ease.

Elevate your precision repairs with the ba-677 Chip Fixation Fixture.

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