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  • ba-217 Mobile Phone Disassembly Steel Kit


  • ba-217
  • Type: 3 in 1 Kits for Phone Disassemble
  • Material: Stainless steel

The ba-217 Mobile Phone Disassembly Steel Kit is the ultimate companion for precision disassembly. Crafted from ultra-thin stainless steel, with a minimum thickness of just 0.4mm, it easily accesses tight crevices. This super-flexible stainless steel resists bending and rebounds, extending its lifespan. With three unique shapes, it simplifies disassembling different components without damaging any parts.

**Key Features:**
1. Ultra-Thin Steel: With a minimum thickness of 0.4mm, it navigates tight gaps with ease.
2. Super-Flexible Stainless Steel: Bend and watch it bounce back, enhancing durability.
3. Three Different Shapes: Convenient for disassembling various components without damage.

Elevate your precision disassembly work with the ba-217 Mobile Phone Disassembly Steel Kit.

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