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  • BAKU ba-909D Soldering Station 2 in 1 LCD Digital display Rework Welding Station Kit Soldering Iron Hot Air Repair Solder tools


  • ba-909D
  • Contact to Know More
  • Machinery Test Report Provided
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Power(W) 450W
  • After Warranty Service Online support
  • Weight:1.7Kg
  • Size: 175*145*110mm
  • Air temperature range: 100°C-500°C
  • Soldering iron temp: 200°C-480°C
Product Features:

1. 2-in-1 Work Handle, Precision Soldering and Repair Tool: Our BA-909D Constant Temperature Hot Air Desoldering Station is equipped with a 2-in-1 work handle, delivering exceptional performance for precise circuit board soldering and repairs. One device meets multiple needs, increasing work efficiency and making your repair tasks more convenient.

2. Interchangeable Handles for Flexibility: The dual handle design allows for easy interchangeability, adapting to different soldering and repair tasks. No need to purchase additional equipment – simply switch handles to accommodate different work requirements, saving time and cost.

3. Constant Temperature Design to Reduce Chip Damage: The constant temperature design ensures a stable working temperature during soldering and repairs, reducing the risk of thermal shocks and chip damage. Carry out your precise circuit board soldering and repairs with confidence, guaranteeing high-quality results.

4. Discover More Features: In addition to the mentioned features, the BA-601D+ Constant Temperature Hot Air Desoldering Station offers even more exciting functionalities and characteristics. Explore and experience them firsthand, making your soldering and repair work more efficient and convenient!

Let the BA-909D Constant Temperature Hot Air Desoldering Station become your preferred tool for precise circuit board soldering and repairs, providing exceptional performance and efficiency!



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