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  • Ultrasonic Cleaner BK-2000


  • Model: BK-2000
  • Type: LED indicator light
  • Voltage: 110V-40HZ
  • Power: 60W
  • Working frequency: 40khz
  • Tank Capacity: 3.36L
  • Color: Sliver
  • Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel



BAKU New Product BK-2000 Professional ultrasonic cleaner for mobile phone and eyeglass


 Ultrasonic Cleaner BK-2000 Features: 


1. Germany's most advanced bonding process, never wear a cylinder, no nails and off the cylinder phenomenon.


2. High efficiency and safety performance of the converter is improved by using high safety transducer.


3. SUS304 stainless steel cleaning tank stamping forming, no welding, waterproof performance is good


4. This product with a constant temperature function LED digital display temperature in the range of 0-80 adjustable, can in addition to oil, in addition to wax, decontamination effect is remarkable.


5. First standby mode, a key wake-up function, more security, the replacement of security, more efficient


6. With getter, degassing function, realize the true sense of the ultrasonic vacuum. 


7. Working hours LED digital display 1--99 minutes arbitrary adjustable, accurate calculation to the second to meet the different needs of the cleaning needs.


8. 6L and above contains drainage and heat sink device, wayward design, quick to remove the waste water after cleaning.


9. Washing machine shell is made of high quality stainless steel embossing plate making and anti wrinkle, beautiful and generous.


10. High quality imported core components, high ultrasonic efficiency, strong power, good cleaning effect.


Product name ultrasonic cleaner
Brand BAKU-2000
Type LED indicator light
Voltage 110V-40HZ
Power 120W
Working frequency 40khz
Tank Capacity 3.36L
Color Sliver
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel



Professional Use:


Earrings, Necklace, Rings, Bracelets and Diamonds.

Glasses & Timepieces

Glasses, Optical Lenses, Contact Lens Accessories, Watch Chains and Waterproof Watches.


Tattoo Guns and Tubes, Electric Shaver Heads, Razor Blades, Dentures, Combs and Toothbrushes.


Pen-heads, Printer heads, Inkjet Cartridges and Seals.

Metal Articles

Ancient Coins, Badges, Valves, Machine Nozzles, Electronics Components and Mechanical Parts, Forks, Knives, Spoons and Other Small Silverware etc.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner BK-2000 05
Ultrasonic Cleaner BK-2000 06
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