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  • BAKU BK-1200 jewelry ultrasonic cleaner used multi ultrasonic vibration cleaner used for repairing ultrasonic cleaner


  • Model: BK-1200
  • Ultrasonic Power: 60W
  • Material: High Grade wood grain
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHZ
  • Capacity: 1.47L
  • Voltage (V): 1. AC 220~240V 50HZ / 2. AC 110~120V 60HZ
  • Internal tank size: 175*140*60mm
  • Boundary dimension: 270*170*240mm
  • Advance Function: Heating
  • Heating Power: 100W
  • Time setting: 1---99


BAKU BK-1200 jewelry ultrasonic cleaner used multi ultrasonic vibration cleaner used for repairing ultrasonic cleaner

1.6L Ultrasonic Cleaner - Professional Deep Cleaning

Key Features:

1.6L stainless steel tank for versatile cleaning
40KHz ultrasonic frequency, thoroughly removes stains and dirt
Robust waterproof stainless steel casing, protecting the device and extending lifespan
Multiple cleaning modes, meeting different cleaning needs
Intelligent timing function, easy operation, efficient cleaning
Whether it's eyewear, jewelry, or craftsmanship, our 1.6L ultrasonic cleaner offers professional deep cleaning results. The 40KHz ultrasonic frequency penetrates surfaces, completely removing stains and dirt, revitalizing your items. The sturdy stainless steel casing is not only corrosion-resistant but also waterproof, ensuring safety and reliability throughout the cleaning process.

Multiple cleaning modes cater to different item cleaning needs, whether it's daily care or special craftsmanship. The intelligent timing function simplifies operation, allowing you to adjust the cleaning time to suit different items. Our 1.6L ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for both home and commercial use, providing a comprehensive solution for your cleaning needs.

Choose our ultrasonic cleaner and watch your items regain their brilliance!



Household Ultrasonic Cleaner

Our household ultrasonic cleaner is the perfect choice for personal care, eyewear, jewelry, and watch strap cleaning and maintenance. With a capacity of 1.6L, it meets various cleaning needs. Made of durable stainless steel, it ensures long-lasting performance. Additionally, it features a unique defoaming function that facilitates deep cleaning, making the cleaning process even easier. The operation is simple and convenient, enhancing your cleaning experience.

Multi-function Cleaning, Meeting Your Needs

Our household ultrasonic cleaner offers multi-function design, allowing you to select different cleaning modes and time settings according to your needs. Whether you require gentle cleaning or powerful deep cleaning, it can meet your requirements. Suitable for personal and household use, it brings convenience to your daily life.

Efficient Cleaning, Protecting Your Items

The household ultrasonic cleaner employs ultrasonic vibration and defoaming function to thoroughly clean items such as eyewear, jewelry, and watch straps. It not only removes stubborn dirt and stains but also protects the texture and appearance of your items, restoring them to their original shine.

User-friendly Design, Easy to Use

The household ultrasonic cleaner features a user-friendly design that ensures easy and convenient operation. The intelligent touch panel allows you to effortlessly adjust the cleaning modes and time settings without complicated steps. Moreover, its compact design makes it portable and easy to store, enabling you to use it anytime, anywhere.

Quality Assurance, Considerate Service

Our household ultrasonic cleaner is meticulously manufactured and undergoes strict quality control to ensure reliability. We provide considerate after-sales service to address any concerns you may have. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Choose the household ultrasonic cleaner for efficient and convenient cleaning of your items!