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  • Ultrasonic cleaner ba-3060A


  • Model: ba-3060A
  • Product name :Ultrasonic cleaner 3060A
  • Type:LED indicator light
  • Voltage:220V-50HZ
  • Power:35W
  • Working frequency:40khz
  • Tank Capacity:0.6L
  • Color:Brwon
  • Material:Plastic
  • Packaging Details 12 pcs/carton, carton size:44*33*55cm


Product Description


Product name Ultrasonic cleaner 3060A
Brand BAKU
Type LED indicator light
Voltage 220V-50HZ
Power 35W
Working frequency 40khz
Tank Capacity 0.8L
Color Brwon
Material Plastic
Packaging Details 12 pcs/carton, carton size:44*33*55cm









1)It is used for communications equipment, sophisticated circuit panels of electrical maintenance.

2)It makes use of the effet of cavitation and the sonic pressure which are generated in the liquid by the powerful ultrasonic

3)The ultrasonic can clean the stuff with the liquid detergent.


Application Fuction:


1. For communication equipment ,sophisticated circuit panels of electrical of electrical Maintenance, such as mobile phone , mp3 ,personal stereo and so on

2. For Clocks and watches ,precision instruments : with ultrasonic cleaning .clocks and watches,precision instruments 

3.The material of the water tank shell is role of anti-corrosion.











Methods of Application:



1.Examine if the power source is energize the machine refer to the specification of the machine before operations

2.Pour water into the water tank and make it reach 60% of the full scale,in principe that all stuffs to be cleaned are immerged into the water.

3.Plug power cord into the power source.

4.Put the stuffs to be immerged into the water

5.Set the working power(35).Press the ON/OFF switch to power on the cleaner.

6.If your want to stop the operation in the operation in the cleaning process,press the ON/OFF switch to power off.

7.Put the right amount clean liquid into the tank when the contaminated spot is hard to clean or you want to make the cleaning process faster.




Safety Cautious:


1.Take normal voltages of the power source to energize the machine

2.Never operate the machine with out any water in the tank

3.Never operate the machine more than one hour of running.

4.Put the machine equilibratory,keep it surrounding clearly,wipe and dry out the cleaning solutions spoiled out from the tank of any ,and advoid the machine to be collided by hard object.







1.What’s the MOQ?  

A:Generally according to the requirements of customers, no matter how many we can accept.

2.Do you test all goods before delivery?  

A:We have the stric QC process and offer you the videos of all step. 

3. If any question when I got the product, how to solve it?  

A:The product have warranty and we will offer you the online or video technical support. 

4. Do you accept OEM order? (Can I make in my brand or any sticker? )  

A:Yes, MOQ is 3000 piece. 

5. How long can I get the product ? 

A:if less than 10 pieces, it will be about 7 days 

6.What kinds of payment do you accept?  

A:T/T,Western Union, Paypal, credit card and trade assurance on Alibaba.