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  • Battery Tester DBT-2012


  • Model: DBT-2012
  • Test voltage(ni-mh and lithium): <7.2v
  • Name: Battery Capacitive Tester
  • Input Voltage: DC 13.5 OR 18V
  • Net Weight: 0.45kg
  • Protection: short circuit and Overcharging
  • Type: small
  • Consumption Wattage: Less than 10W
  • Dimension: 130*170*80mm


BAKU BK-DBT-2012 Universal Mobile Phone UPS Digital Battery

DischargeTester with printer For Voltage And Internal Resistance


Procedures Before Testing


Step1:Push down the cover button to open the top board of battery holder


Step2:Hold on the probe track board button and rotary the probe track board to correspond to that side of  the battery contacts


Step3:Move the probe handles for correspond to the battery contacts


Step4:Place the battery on the baseboard,make sure that the metal contact to the probe


Step5:hold on the battery and press down the top board of battery holder


Step6:Ensure that the battery holder has been clamping the battery


Step7:Connect the adapter and the analyzer by the small USB cable


Step8:Connect the analyzer to the power supply