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  • ba-003 Electron Stand Phone Digital HD Microscope Mobile Repair


  • Model: ba-003
  • Condition: Original new
  • Frequency: support 50Hz, 60Hz light source frequency
  • Color: Black
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Appearance: Alloy shell, the standard C interface
  • Technical Specification: 0.7x -4.5x
  • Photography Eyepiece: 0.5x
  • Working distance: 95mm
  • Hand wheel Focus Range: 60nrm
  • Elevating Adjustable Range: 110mm (XDC- I0A: 250mm)

Basic Information


Microscope Ba-003 is a 8” TFT portable LCD monitor manual digital microscope widely applied for education purpose inspection, Industrial Inspection, jewellery & Stamp, textile industrial and Biological inspection etc.

1. Connect the power and press the power switch indicator light is boot on state.

2. Press AUTO to the specified signal.

3. Connect signal line can display screen.

4. YB8008 cross line key to open and close key DOWN.