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New Apple Repair Tools Recommend



New Apple Repair Tools Recommend
Yesterday, Apple's September press conference ended successfully. In addition to the new exciting devices and far-reaching environmental protection concepts and actions, there are also some details about the maintenance of new Apple devices.




Apple Watch



From the rendering of the S9 series of Apple Watch, the screws that fix the motherboard are 6 Trilobe screws 0.6

WX20230913-1535132x 1




The Phone 15 series still has 2 traditional Security screws. In addition, the texture of titanium alloy is really elegant!





The most important part of the internal fixed motherboard and the Apple chip is still Trilobe screws.

WX20230913-1535132x 1


The current view is based on the fragment information of the press conference and the conclusion of the structure of the previous Apple devices. The relevant repair details and content will be updated in detail after the actual release.

For the above disassembly, we also have a screwdriver for accidental disassembly, 3D screwdriver ba-357, which perfectly disassembles the latest iPhone15 series and Apple Watch.



Its unique design perfectly fits every screw, so you can easily disassemble your iPhone without causing any harm.
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3D Bits Design Pefect March Screw without harm Taking Out



Anti-Rust and Anti-Static: The meticulously designed aluminum alloy handle of our screwdriver not only provides a comfortable grip but also offers superior resistance against rust and static build-up. Say goodbye to corrosion concerns and work confidently in an environment that safeguards your delicate electronic components.



Our mission, Wonder tools, wonder life! Environmental protection is also one of the important concepts of our brand development. The packaging of products is made of recyclable kraft paper, and the printing materials are environmentally friendly materials. We are committed to conveying better product experience and brand concept.