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  • BAKU High Quality BK-693 PCB Holder mobile phone repair


  • Model: ba-693



Fix your phone like a pro with our stainless steel repair tool. Easy to use and perfect for circuit board repairs. Order now!

 Pcb Holder Function : 

 1. There are three removable card mouth of the circuit board to choose the best position .

 2. Can be adjusted up and down movement of the mouth get the best of the width and strength.

 3. Can be fixed with screws.




Product Description: The BA-693 Mainboard Repair Fixture is designed to securely hold delicate circuit boards during the soldering process, ensuring precise and accurate soldering. Equipped with 6 magnetic fixturing components, it offers versatile combinations to accommodate various types of circuit boards. Additionally, it is compatible with microscopes, providing an enhanced environment for intricate operations.

Designed for secure fixation of delicate circuit boards during soldering for precise results

Equipped with 6 magnetic fixturing components for versatile combinations and compatibility with multiple circuit board types

Compatible with microscopes for enhanced precision during operations

With the BA-693 Mainboard Repair Fixture, you can confidently achieve secure and precise circuit board fixation for high-quality soldering work.