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  • Multimeter ba-18B+


  • Model: ba-18B+
  • Dimensions: 180*88*30 MM
  • Certificate: CE
  • Test Leads line: 2 / Three Sockets
  • Type: Digital Multimeter
  • Frequency range: 40Hz to 400Hz
  • Display: LCD,1999 counts,updates 2-3/sec;32/2-Digit LCD Screen
  • Net Weight: Approx 134G
  • Fuse: Electric household appliances repair,Household Wiring Project and all

ba-18B+ mini manual multi-function Digital multimeter Tester for AC/DC Voltage & Diode Test


1.1999 digit LCD display  

2.Test the ac/dc voltage, dc current, resistance

3.The backlit illumination function

4.The full range of  test protection function

5.31/2 LED display 1999

6.Battery low voltage display



1. Before using the product, carefully read all instructions.

2.Please send the product used for specified purposes, otherwise may decrease products provide protection.

3. Please do not in explosive gas, steam around or use the product in the moist environment.

4.Check the shell before using product.Check whether there is any crack or defect pieces of plastic.Please carefully check terminal near the insulators.

5. If the product is damaged, please do not use.

7. To comply with local and national safety codes.Wear personal protective equipment (approved plastic gloves, masks, and flame retardant clothing, etc.)

8. Use only the correct measurement standard types (CAT), rated voltage and current probes, measure test wire and adapter.

9. Do not download the CAT in the case of not installed probe protective cap III environment using the test probe.Protective cap exposed probe metal parts can be reduced to less than 4 mm.

So due to short circuit is reduced and the production of the possibility of electric shock.

10. To test a known voltage, make sure the product is normal running.

11. Please follow the specified measurement categories, voltage and current ratings.

12. Terminal or between each terminal and ground should not exceed the rated voltage applied.