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  • OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine BK-F180


  • Model: BK-F180
  • Product name: Screen freeze separator
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Weight: 80KG
  • Voltage:AC 110V/220V

Basic Information


OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine BK-F180 adopts the latest freeze separation technology,  Really up to minus 180 degrees, to meet the temperature requirements of the LCD separation, suitable for large quantities of separation and processing for mobile phone.

1. Intelligent temperature control, fast separation, Easy operation and Efficient and convenient.

2. After the compressor reaches the set temperature, the compressor stops working automatically without power consumption.

3. The device base is installed with a universal sliding wheel, which is convenient for transportation and adjustment of the height difference.