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  • BAKU ba-357 c Hot sale professional hand tool cell phone repairing 3D screwdriver promotional screwdriver


  • Model: ba-357
  • Size: 24MM + 100MM
  • Usage: Muliti-purpose
  • Material: Steel S2
  • Feature: Comfortable Handle
  • Certificate: CE Certification
  • Weight: 0.03KG
  • Product name: Multi-function Screwdriver
  • Application: Household Tool Set
  • Keywords: Household Screwdriver Set
  • Color: Black



Hot sale professional hand tool BAKU ba-357 cell phone repairing 3D screwdriver hot selling single screwdriver

Our 3D mobile phone repair screwdriver is designed with 3D technology to accurately lock screws without slipping or damaging them.
The screwdriver is made of S2 tool steel, which is strong and durable, suitable for disassembling screws of various sizes in 3D mobile phone repairs.
This screwdriver is an essential tool for 3D mobile phone repairs. Whether you're a repair engineer or a DIY enthusiast, you must have it.