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  • Soldering Station BK-878L


  • Model: BK-878L
  • Type: LCD Indicator light
  • Power consumption: 400W
  • Blower fan: Brushless fan
  • Amount of wind: 120L/M(MAX)
  • Temperature scope: 100°C~450°C
  • Handle length: 120cm
  • Size: 12.4cm(h)*18.7cm(w)*24.9cm(l)
  • Weight: 2.0kg
  • Noises: <45db

Basic Information


Soldering Station BK-878L is designed by the brushless fan, closed loop of transducer and Mcu intelligent drive with LCD indicator light. Temperature rapidly rises, and it can reach to the setting temperature only within 3 or 5 seconds.

1. The air outlet and its surrounding area maybe very hot, be cautious of scald.

2. The heating handle shall not be put on the working table or other place except its holder.

3. The distance between the air outlet and the object shall be no less than 2mm

4. To choose suitable blast nozzle in accordance with working requirements, different blast nozzle may have different temperature.

Soldering Station BK-878L 04
Soldering Station BK-878L 05
Soldering Station BK-878L 06
Soldering Station BK-878L 07


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