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  • Soldering Station BK-909S


  • Model: BK-909s
  • Air gun Rated voltage: 220V 50/60HZ
  • Air gun Power consumption: 450W
  • Air gun Pump model: Soft wind
  • Air gun gas flow: 120L/min(max)
  • Air gun Handle component length: 22cm
  • Soldering Iron Output voltage: AC 24V
  • Soldering Iron Max power: 50W
  • Soldering Iron Range of temperature: 200-480℃
  • Soldering Iron heating element: Imported ceramic heat
  • Soldering Iron power cord: 110cm

Basic Information


Soldering Station BK-909S is a multi-function machine for all-purpose mobile electrical maintenance with 909 Soldering Station, hot air gun and power supply 3 in 1.used for universal soldering tip, Safety and efficiency, constant temperature, automatic dormancy, apply to all electrical appliances circuit board repairing.

1. BK-909s has Intelligent microcomputer with multi-functional operation panel.

2. It’s controlled by microcomputer chip precisely and stably, temperature is heating rapidly, The difference between display temperature and real temperature is + 1 ℃.

3. The soldering station combines 1A/15V stable power supply ,GSD signal detection, multi-functional player ,USB charging rapidly with Constant temperature electric iron and microchip heat gun etc.

Soldering Station BK-909S 03
Soldering Station BK-909S 04
Soldering Station BK-909S 05
Soldering Station BK-909S 06

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