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  • OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine BK-957
  • OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine BK-957 02
  • OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine BK-957 03
  • OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine BK-957 04
  • OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine BK-957 05


  • Model: BK-957
  • Voltage: AC 220V
  • Power: 1500W
  • Work Environment: 20-30℃
  • Efficiency: 40S/2pcs
  • Heating Method: Constant temperature
  • Applicable Size: Below 7”
  • Size: 510*480*380mm
  • Weight: 66kg

Basic Information


OCA LCD Vacuum Laminating BK-958 is a machine that fits the global 7 inch LCD screen. It ‘s built-in Vacuum pump and air compressor with smart constant pressure, Machine can be shift to the lamination and debubbling mode automatically. You only need to connect the power supply, it can be used.

1. BK-957 does not crush plate deformation for a long time work.

2. No oil vacuum pump is to solve the long running fever burned and vacuum unstable phenomenon.

3. The thread has been treated by 500 degrees high temperature for skid resistance.

4. The machine pressure is stable to prevent a similar inferior cylinder crawling from breaking screen.

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