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  • Microscope ba-006


  • Model: Ba-006
  • Internal storage: 8GB
  • Color: Black
  • Pixel: HD 3.MP
  • Display: 4.3 inches HD OLED display
  • Magnification: 1-600X continuous magnification system
  • Battery: >6 hours
  • Resolution: V1.10
  • Software version: 0.7-4.5 X
  • Light source's frequency: 50HZ,60HZ
  • Power DC interface: 5P MINI

Basic Information


Microscope Ba-006 is 4.3 inch portable LCD monitor manual digital microscope widely used for education purpose inspection, Industrial Inspection, jewellery & Stamp, textile industrial and Biological inspection etc.

1. The High-capacity lithium battery needs about 4 hours to be fulled charged.

2. The intelligent universal support is super light and powerful, can be adsorbed on the surface of glass / ceramic / marble / plastic board and others.

3. The silicone sucker will not leave marks on any surface, after long-term using, it can be cleaned by water when there's dust on the surface.

4. The closest distance of microscope and the goal is -15mm, the magnifying time will be smaller as the distance increasing.

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