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  • Model: Ba-002
  • Power: DC12V 1A-2A
  • Frequency: 60Hz--75Hz
  • Color: Black
  • Technical Specification: 0.7x -4.5x
  • Photography Eyepiece Specification: 0.5x
  • Hand wheel Focus Range: 60nrm
  • Elevating Adjustable Range: 110mm (XDC- I0A: 250mm)
  • Working distance: 95mm

Basic Information


Microscope Ba-002 widely use for micro-electronics, mould, power metallurgy, precision machinery and jewelry, especially for observing the surface microstructure of large objective etc.

1. The display using the AC adapter (12V) using family standard voltage, can not be directly connected with other voltage, use other adapter please note voltage.

2. Do not attempt to disassemble, appear strange please immediately shut down, consulting the seller or manufacturer.

3. Please pay attention to moisture, water, dust, soot and other. Avoid long time sunshine irradiation.

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