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  • Microscope ba-008


  • Model: ba-008
  • Minimum illumination: 2 Lux
  • Input voltage: 12V DC (9V-14V)
  • Color: White+ Black
  • Technical Specification: 0.7x -4.5x
  • Photography Eyepiece Specification: 0.5x
  • Hand wheel Focus Range: 60nrm
  • Power Supply: 110V~140V Or 220V~240V
  • SizeL: L (340mm) * W (200mm) * H (330~450mm)
  • Line Number Of Pixeis: (H)768*(V)494

Base Electrical Appliances Specification :

Configuration Model
 Parts Specification  ba-008
Eyepieces  SZMEWh10X20
Binocular SZM7045
Focusing arm SZMA1
Stang SZMST1
Ring fluorescence SZRL

Inside foam

Outside carton

Power Supply  110~140V Or 220~240V

 Maintenance : 

1)All lenses must be kept clean.Fine dust on the surface of the lens should be blown off with hand blower or wiped off gently with a soft lens tissue.

2)Fingerprints or oil marked on it should be wiped off with a tissue moistened with a small amount of xylene or a 3:7 mixture of alcohol and other.

3)Never use the organce solution to clean the other surface(especially the plastic surfaces).If necessary,please choose the neutral detergent.

4)Don't take the microscope apart for fearing that it is damaged.

5)After using,cover the microscope with the dust-cover provided and store it in a dry and clean place free from moisture to prevent dust. 

6)To keep the performace of the microscope.please check it periodically.The detail can be gotten from the agent nearby.